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The Anticipation is Growing . . . You can almost taste it . . .

Anticipation is growing, day by day for the celebration of the Tet Holiday. The Lunar New Year is a combination of Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, and Super Bowl Sunday on steroids! The three-day celebration actually melds into [...]

Vietnam My Capistrano

The miracle of the "Swallows of Capistrano" takes place each year at Mission San Juan Capistrano in California. The birds migrate 6,000 miles from Argentina to San Juan Capistrano in large numbers. The return of [...]

Educating Success in Kenya

  Yes, we can do it! This is the shortest way to express the success of our students, who made great results on national exams at the end of schooling. These students are from the [...]

Our Kindergarten is A Big Success

Our work, as Franciscan missionaries, is to help the poorest of the poor around the world, and our mission in the village of Kivumu, Rwanda is among these places. I can only admire these people. [...]

Kindergarten Uniforms for Our Children

Now that the Padri Vjeko Kindergarten is up and running, we turn our attention to creating uniforms for our young children. The children range in age from three to five years old, so we have [...]

Thinking Outside the Box

I have been a missionary in Africa for the past twenty-seven years. What I like most about my work as a missionary is that I get to live and work with the people that I [...]

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