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Together, We Deliver Hope.

Franciscan Missions is committed to spreading the Gospel message everywhere Franciscan missionaries serve. We work to fund soup kitchens, projects for well systems, and the development of farms, churches, medical clinics, and housing for the poor.

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Too many people worldwide are hungry, homeless, or don’t have a school for their children.

At Franciscan Missions, we know you want to take action to alleviate this kind of suffering. However, with so many missions in the Church, it can be hard to decipher where a donation will have the most impact. At Franciscan Missions, we have sandals on the ground around the world, seeing firsthand where the need is and where donations can leave the greatest imprint.

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Building communities and helping those in need.

Our missions are simple and concrete and transform the immediate lives of the poor and suffering. 

Here’s How You Can Help

Make a donation

Make a meaningful donation to one of our missions, whether that’s building a house or caring for the sick.

Step 2

Impact Lives

After reviewing requests from around the world, Franciscan Missions will put your donation into action.

Step 3

Spread the Gospel

Your generous donation will bring the joy and the light of the Gospel into other’s lives.

We need your help.

We believe there is no such thing as a small or ordinary donation. Any donation, big or small, can make an impact on the lives of those we serve. Do you know that with just $50, a month’s worth of food staples like beans, oil, rice, eggs, meat, jam and milk can be given to a family in Syria?

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The story of the Franciscan Missions

In 1964, The General Secretariat of the Franciscan Missions was founded in the US. The sole purpose was to promote Catholic missionary work by raising funds for friars throughout the world. But our history goes even farther back, to when St. Francis came to devote his life to aiding the poor…

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Giving is sweet and so is our honey.

Two 12 oz plastic bottles of honey come in an attractive handmade wooden box with plexiglass cover, a useful item in itself once the honey is gone! Please note that the offering includes the cost of shipping and handling. Thank you.

Buy some honey to support us

Appeals for Aid

Our Franciscan Missions Appeals help individuals experiencing humanitarian crises worldwide by providing emergency relief. As a donor, you can be part of an immediate response that aids those who are suffering. 

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Join Poverello: Servant of the poor

Follow in the footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi and serve the poor by joining the Franciscan Missions monthly giving club!  St. Francis of Assisi dedicated his life to serving the poor.  He entered into that service so fully that he became “Poverello,” the poor one.

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With your help, we can continue this mission of hope

At Franciscan Missions, our calling is to serve the less fortunate in countries throughout the world. With over 600 missions worldwide, we’ve helped thousands of people experience the joy of the Gospel and find hope through our missionary work. With your help, we can continue this mission of hope. 

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