Staying Connected

Jesus had a quality of ministry that caused society’s so called “perfect” people to feel uncomfortable, and chose not to be connected with Him. Jesus connected with society’s so called “imperfect” people – women in prostitution, men who collected taxes, people who were considered to be unclean because of leprosy, beggars and thieves. We know that Jesus performed miracles in the lives of “imperfect” people through His healing touch, compassion, forgiveness and love. In choosing to be connected with Jesus, the Franciscans are transforming the lives of people who have been marginalized because of stigmatic diseases, gender or race, and extreme poverty. Thanks to you, and others connected with Jesus, many lives have been and are being transformed in His name.

At the Franciscan mission hospitals and clinics in developing countries, donations make it possible to hire medical staff, and provide medicines that are needed for treating people with malaria, tuberculosis, AIDS and leprosy. After leaving the hospital, housing is provided for victims of leprosy who are unable to return to their village. Children who are left orphaned by parents who have died from AIDS receive loving care at our orphanages. And, the transformation in family members, when they move out of a one room shack that has a dirt floor, into a cement house that has a floor above ground, is truly remarkable. The number of children who come to our mission schools with empty stomachs would shock you. Our food programs prove that children who are not starving have a higher level of concentration. The Franciscan missionaries are grateful that you are, along with them, connected to Jesus. We are His service providers throughout the world.

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