Please DonateSelect [23ACC3] Help Children with Disabilities this Christmas

You bring hope and faith to so many people! What a great blessing you are to children who have little reason for hope. And what a great blessing you are to Franciscan missionaries. The gifts you give are truly changing lives.

Consider the Center for Disabled Children in the Province of St. Francis in Africa. Father Alexis Niyongabo, OFM and other Franciscan missionary friars in Butimba Parish in Tanzania operate a school for 55 children with disabilities.

Tanzania is a very poor country, and the government does not provide services to help disabled children. During pastoral visits, our friars have met many children with disabilities that are hidden in their homes. The parents are afraid to expose their disabled children, so they do not take them to school. Some believe the child’s condition is a family curse, and some children are even killed at an early age.

Father Alexis and our other friars decided to do something to help these children. First, they encourage the parents by showing them that their child has the same value as any other child.

Some children who attend our center are not able to speak, feed themselves, or wash themselves. Others have difficulty with mobility because of physical disabilities. Our friars work with the children and their families. The friars work with the children to teach them how to speak, feed, and clean themselves. The children are provided physical therapy to help them with mobility.

Fr. Alexis has requested funding to operate the center for one academic year. It only costs $8,200 to care for and educate 55 children with disabilities! Would you give a generous Christmas gift today to help our missionary friars care for these children and others living in extreme poverty in our missions around the world?

Disabled and challenged children with little hope now have a chance for a better future. Through your goodness, you provide them with that future.

I can think of no greater Christmas gift in thanksgiving to God than the gifts of hope and faith you are giving to children. So, I am writing to ask you to support all our Franciscan missionaries by making a generous donation this Christmas.

Your love and generosity make the true joy and hope of Christmas a reality in the lives of suffering children around the world. I hope you can help me by sending a special Christmas donation today. Please know that my prayers are with you and your loved ones now and always, especially during this holy Christmas season.

Please DonateSelect [23ACC3] Help Children with Disabilities this Christmas

Merry Christmas,

Brother Andrew Brophy, OFM

Executive Director