The life of Saint Anthony of Padua is a model for you and me, especially his work with the poor.

Today, as in St. Anthony’s time, many people are trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty. My heart aches for those whose lives are in crisis because of natural disasters like hurricanes and floods, and man-made disasters like war, and the misery that is caused by extreme poverty.

Still, my heart rejoices because of kindhearted people like you, whom God has called to share your blessings with the poor.

Because of St. Anthony’s extraordinary love for the poor, which he often expressed by feeding the hungry, “St. Anthony’s Bread” has been the term used for offerings made in response to God’s call to serve the poor.

In honor of St. Anthony, I am asking you to make an offering to help feed the poor in the missions. Many people have lost the ability to work and feed their families because of natural disasters. Some must live as refugees because of war. Others were just born in extreme poverty.

Will You Join Us

Will you join us in reaching out to thousands of children and families? Many are malnourished, and all are at risk.

Father Daniel Borromeo, OFM is from the Franciscan province of Saint Anthony of Padua in the Philippines. He has requested funds to help feed 150 poor families who have been displaced by flash flooding in the Municipality of Carmen, Davao del Norte.

Many of their homes were made of lightweight material and were washed away. Many concrete homes survived but were completely underwater! These families are now living in temporary tarp shelters just trying to survive day to day until they can rebuild their homes.

Fr. Daniel and our other missionary friars want to help the families by providing food, water, medicine, and other emergency supplies. Some people were trapped on the roofs of their homes and supplies had to be dropped by helicopter! Fr. Daniel also wants to begin an outreach mission to Sitio Pigasaan of barangay Tagbay, one of the remote places on Penaplata Island where there is limited access to electricity and clean drinking water. The isolation and lack of infrastructure severely limit educational access for the children.

The friars have identified 65 families comprised of 180 individuals who are in dire need of assistance. Our missionaries will bring medical personnel to provide treatment to the families, as well as food and other emergency supplies. The area is so isolated that all personnel and supplies must be brought in by boat.

Fr. Daniel only needs $11,900 to fund both relief efforts!

Will You Answer The Call

With that in mind, I am asking you to answer the call to serve the poor in honor of St. Anthony. Will you join us in reaching out to our sisters and brothers who are unable to feed themselves or their families?

Father Cyriak Wiktor Budzisz, OFM serving in Mahalpye, Botswana, Africa, has requested funds to help build a dining area to feed 30 poor children once a day for 3 years. The food will be prepared at the Franciscan Kanamo Centre in Mahalpye. The new dining area will be called the “Kitchen of St. Francis.”

Fr. Cyriak has requested an emergency grant of $22,663 to build and equip the new dining facilities and buy enough food to feed the children for one year. It will cost 86 cents a day to provide one poor child with a meal every day for a year.

Father Jim Bok, OFM has submitted a grant request for St. Anthony’s Kitchen in Negril, Jamaica, to help feed 120 people lunch every day and provide breakfast to 60 school children each school day.

Those being fed include the elderly, babies in arms, the chronically poor, and the homeless. And some people, while working, earn a minimum wage that is non-livable. St. Anthony’s Kitchen is a place where many families get their only decent meal of the day. The meals are generous and nutritious. I saw this kitchen in action several years ago during a visit.

Father Gerardo Daniel Vogel Alejandro, OFM from the Province of the Assumption of Our Blessed Virgin of the La Plata River in Argentina has requested emergency funds to feed 150 people a day who are living on the streets in Buenos Aires.

This project will specifically serve individuals who are homeless or in vulnerable social situations in areas surrounding the San Francisco de Asís Friary. About 150 children, youth, adults, and elderly will be the direct beneficiaries. Fr Gerardo has requested $11,047 to help buy food to feed these poor people.

These are just a few examples of our Franciscan missionary friars feeding poor people around the world. We are also feeding the poor in many other countries in Africa, and in Syria, India, Brazil. Our friars are feeding thousands of war refugees in Ukraine!

Will you please consider renewing your vital support of our Franciscan missionaries today so we can continue to provide urgent humanitarian aid and HOPE to the poor in the missions?

In the spirit of St. Anthony, may God bless you for your generosity.

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Gratefully yours in Christ and St. Anthony,

Brother Andrew Brophy, OFM

Executive Director

P.S. Franciscan missionaries are often the last, best hope for people struggling to survive the hardships of daily life in the missions. Please offer your best gift today and help us provide food to poor families, children, and the elderly. Thank you in advance for your renewed support and prayers.