You are blessed with God’s love!

It is a wondrous gift to know that God loves me—and you— unconditionally. Each person deserves the fullness of this gift. Through his love, we are asked to respond to people whose needs are greater than our own.

As Franciscans, we live a life in service to people who are vulnerable and marginalized. No matter where in the world we are called, we place ourselves in direct service to the poor.

People who struggle for basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter are the most vulnerable. For many people in developing countries, a place to call “home” is merely a dream. Parents living in extreme poverty can barely provide food for their children. Four walls and a roof overhead are often beyond reach.

Our Franciscan missionaries work tirelessly around the world to provide housing for families who lack the means to obtain dignified, safe housing for themselves.

A Place To Call Home in Mozambique

Under the leadership of Father Jorge, the Friars Minor in Mozambique serve 74 villages spread over a vast area of over 120 square kilometers in the rural Jécua.

Many of these families live in conditions of extreme poverty, in precarious shacks or huts which are vulnerable to the destructive capacity of nature. In fact, almost every year the country is hit by tropical storms that destroy homes and leave these poor families without a roof.

We have received a request from Fr. Jorge Bender, OFM for an emergency grant to help build thirty simple homes to provide safe housing for the poor in their parish. The friar’s goal is to build 100 homes, but they only have the ability and labor to build 30 per year.

They have identified 30 of the most vulnerable families, giving priority to families with several small children or disabled and elderly people.

Emília’s Story

Emília Vasco is single mother of 8 children and will be one of the 1st families to receive a simple new home. Her husband suffers from mental illness and has been absent for a long time. In this situation, the missionaries worked with local officials to obtain a low-cost piece of land and preparations began to build a simple and safe home for this vulnerable family.

Each of these simple homes will be built with brick and concrete and will have a sheet metal roof with a door and windows. The windows are framed with a concrete design but no glass so there is airflow. They are covered with mosquito netting. The homes will have 4 small rooms and an external outhouse. The cost to build one of these homes is only $3,240!

Our missionary friars have also been providing the Vasco family with milk and a monthly food basket. The children were also provided clothing, blankets, school uniforms and supplies so they could attend school.

Hostem’s Story

Another family chosen is Cristina Geremia, a single mother of 4 children. Her youngest child, “Hostem” was born with a physical disability, a condition called “Macrocephaly”. The case of this disease has worsened as it was not treated at birth.

The baby weighs a lot due to the size and weight of her head, and the mother struggles to carry her. They live in a precarious house in the middle of the mountains. Everyone sleeps together in the same room.

Our missionary friars have helped this family send Hostem to the medical clinic in Beira for treatment and have also purchased a small wheelchair so that Hostem could be more comfortable, and her mother could move more freely and safely look for small jobs to earn her money to buy some food. The Mission has always supported and continues to support Cristina’s family with food, clothing and trips to Beira and Manica for the care of little Hostem!

Our missionary friars want to build a house with more space for the dignity and comfort for the sick child and the entire family.

Franciscan’s Building Homes Around the World

Our missionary friars are also building homes for poor families in Africa, India and Jamaica!

I need your help again today to raise the funds to help Father Jorge provide families living in extreme poverty with safe, secure housing. You can help our missionary friars in Mozambique, Africa, India and Jamaica provide four walls and a roof overhead to protect children and families!

Your gift today will be used to purchase building materials and provide the labor needed!

Thank you for considering my request and looking into the lives of the vulnerable people our missionary friars serve. You are a beloved child of God, and I believe your generosity in support of our work is an example of your goodness, your love, and your care for others.

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God bless you and your loved ones abundantly.


Brother. Andrew Brophy, OFM

Executive Director

P.S. Your gift today will help bring great relief and hope to families living in unsafe, inadequate housing. You can help put a safe roof over their heads. Please offer your best gift in support of our missionary friars today. Thank you!