With the generous support of our donors and benefactors, and in collaboration with Associazione pro Terra Sancta, Franciscan Missions, continues to support the vulnerable people of Syria. The daily life and existence of the Syrian people is severely undermined by the serious socio-economic issues of the continuing war, and the health emergency and economic fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Additionally, the secular coexistence between neighboring communities professing other faiths has spawned a phenomena of hatred, intolerance, and discrimination.

Since the war began, in 2011, the Franciscan Friars of the Custody of the Holy Land have assisted the needy and vulnerable families, not only Christians, who fled from areas of the most bloody conflicts. Four humanitarian centers have been developed within the parishes to provide assistance to these desperate people in Damascus (parish of Bab Touma), Aleppo (Parish of St. Francis), Latakia (Parish of Sacred heart of Jesus) and Knayeh (Parish of St. Joseph). Knayek is located in Idlib Province, a very difficult area still under the control of Jihadists group.

The four humanitarian centers provide monthly packages of food, household items, and hygiene kits. Many single-parent families, widows, disabled victims, and the elderly receive additional medical assistance and financial support for rent, electricity, and heating oil. The friars serve as many as 700 families (approximately, 3,000 people). That number has grown during the current year.

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