The community of Huaycán, northeast of Lima, was formed by the arrival of migrants and refugees from the highlands of Peru. During the many decades of military coups and civilian government upheavals, the population of Huaycán has grown dramatically. The people ​​mostly small merchants and daily laborers who live from day to day.

Since 1990, the Franciscan presence in Peru, especially in Huaycán, has been through San Andres de Huaycán Parish and San Francisco de Asis de Huaycán school. This relatively poor population is faced with the COVID pandemic and an economic crisis that continues to cause great physical and psychological harm to the many families in the area. 

In 2020, the local Franciscan community responded to the pandemic by establishing a program to assist the most vulnerable families with food and hygiene supplies. A financial grant from Franciscan Missions in 2020 helped to support that program. Food purchased from local small farmers supplies vegetables and fruit to local community kitchens. These kitchens run by local parishioners, generally women, prepare packaged meals to distribute among the population. As many as 15 ‘Community Pots’ serve over 450 families. Due to the continued impact of the COVID pandemic, in 2021, it became imperative to continue this program.

Today, Franciscan Missions has awarded a financial grant to the Franciscans in Huaycán to support this growing program. The program will continue to help over 300 people in the Huaycán highlands. At the same time, the Franciscans have collaborated with the CARITAS organization through locally organized kitchens that prepare food and hygiene packages. The Franciscans deliver the packages every 15 days for up to four months. In turn, the kitchens will receive locally grown food every 15 days, for the same period, to prepare the packages. This part of the program will feed 80 families or approximately 500 people.

The effects of the COVID pandemic continues to create enormous consequences for poor worldwide. Feeding programs, similar to Huaycán, and financial support is basic to helping the poor to regain their dignity and a future of hope. With your generous support, thoughtful prayers, and faith in our worldwide mission, we can confidently say, “Together, we deliver hope.” Please offer a recurring donation that will provide support for future programs like this one.

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