Happy 2024! It is my prayer that it will be a year of hope and peace for you!

Thank you for partnering with Franciscan Missions during the struggles our missionary friars have faced in 2023. Natural disasters like the earthquakes in Syria and Morocco and the wars in Ukraine and the Middle East have created refugee crises. Our friars have responded to help ease the suffering of countless people.

Thank you for so generously supporting us. You share in our lives of witness to the Gospel and service to the poor. Your response to help us help others is a sure sign of God’s hope in your heart.

Your Help

You have helped us care for thousands of children and families in war-torn Ukraine by providing them with food, medical assistance, and other essential items.

You helped us provide emergency assistance to victims in Syria and Morocco, where very powerful earthquakes collapsed many homes and buildings, killed thousands of people, and left many more homeless.

Through your prayers and faithful generosity, we have fed, educated, and provided medical treatment to thousands of orphans and other children living in the streets near our missions.

Your Support

Your support has enabled us to treat people suffering from malaria, tuberculosis, and leprosy at our hospital in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa, and other clinics in developing countries around the world.

Your support helped our missionary friars in Pakistan provide emergency supplies to thousands of victims of severe flooding when heavy monsoon rains devastated the country. The flooding affected over 30 million people.

Your generosity has helped us provide safe, secure homes for the poor in Jamaica, India, and Burundi, Africa. You also helped us remodel a dilapidated building to house 20 children from remote, rural areas in Pakse, Laos, so they could attend school.

These are just a few examples of the breadth and depth of our work with the poor around the world. In this New Year, these same types of service to the poor will continue through the tireless efforts of our Franciscan missionaries and your generosity.

Your Prayers

Your prayers for us bless the Franciscan Order with vocations, and your gifts have helped us educate and form future Franciscan missionaries who will serve the poor for generations to come. I am sure you can imagine the hope, joy, and renewed life these young men represent to our worldwide Franciscan community.

Finding the funds to house, educate, and form young men to serve as Franciscan missionaries is a great challenge that our worldwide Franciscan Order faces in the New Year.

I urgently need you to continue your support to ensure that our Franciscan missionaries have the resources to help the poor in the missions. Will you please demonstrate once again your love and compassion for people suffering in the missions by sending a generous gift?

Your Generosity

Your generosity will help us continue to provide urgent humanitarian aid to thousands of families trapped in war-torn Ukraine. Your generosity will enable us to go on treating people suffering from malaria, tuberculosis, and leprosy at our mission clinics in developing countries around the world.

You will also help us rebuild homes and continue to provide temporary housing and emergency supplies for hundreds of families left homeless by the earthquakes in Syria and Morocco.

You will help us educate poor and orphaned children around the world in the missions. For example, the Franciscans in Chennai, India, have an afternoon school for children who must pick through trash in the morning to find something to sell so they can buy a little food to survive another day.

Together, we deliver hope

I hope you take pride and joy in what you have accomplished in partnership with our Franciscan missionaries. If possible, I ask you to consider continuing your support in 2024, and I invite you to share ever more deeply in our Franciscan lives and ministries.

Be assured of the daily prayers of your Franciscan brothers here in the United States and in our missions around the world.

I ask for your prayers as we face together the challenges and the blessings ahead. Let us pray together that 2024 will be a year of hope and peace!

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Brother Andrew Brophy, OFM

Executive Director

P.S. Your faithful commitment and generosity strengthen us for the challenges of the New Year. We are so grateful to have you walking with us as 2024 unfolds. I thank you in advance for your support of our work with poor sisters and brothers in the missions.