Since 2015 the Pata Pila Franciscan Civil Association has operated a mobile nutrition program and health care workshops for the needy communities of Santa Victoria and Fortin Dragones, Saltal in Argentina.

The program’s main focus is to overcome malnutrition issues among children from 0 to 5 years old and pregnant women. This program must operate among remote rural areas where normal health centers do not exist. Faced with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, in Argentina, it became extremely important to raise the effectiveness of the program and reach more families.

The beneficiaries of this program live in extreme poverty and lack basic needs such as: running water, sanitation, education and proper housing. The program will directly benefit over 700 children and over 500 mothers. As many as 2,300 people will indirectly benefit from the program.

In early 2021, the Franciscan Province of Francisco Solano requested a grant to support this program. The Franciscan missionaries along with medical and trained nutritional staff outlined the comprehensive phases of the project in great detail. The mothers were counseled on weekly nutritional control, food objectives for the children and health status. They were also encouraged to develop child rearing techniques and personal skills and abilities in training workshops.

With the generous donations of our benefactors, Franciscan Missions released a financial grant to support the program for 12 months. Due to the success of this program, future funding is being supported through local alliances among diverse sponsors and companies. In many countries around the world Franciscan organizations and local communities are working to improve the lives of the families and children that need help. Please consider making a recurring donation that will offer a sustainable and impactful program that will change the lives of the poor.

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