The village of Koussou is located in North-East, Benin, West Africa. This mountainous region with stony soil is unfit for most agriculture. A population of over 20,000, suffer from severe fresh water shortages especially during the dry season. The climate is characterized by two seasons. A rainy season that lasts up to six months (May to October), and a dry season (November to April). With average temperature of 27-degrees Celsius (80.6 F°) the local water sources of rivers, streams and bore holes literally dry-up during the dry season.

Koussou is one of the poorest places in Benin. 82-percent of the population lives on less than a dollar a day. The infant-juvenile mortality rate is quite high in the area. It is mainly caused by malaria, diarrheal diseases and lack of hygiene.

In early 2021, Franciscan Missions approved a grant request from the Franciscan Province of the Incarnate Word of West Africa to fund the drilling and construction of a fresh water well in Koussou. Through the generous donations of our benefactors and contributions from local groups, the fresh water well was completed. The local inhabitants of the area were also instructed on sanitation issues and their impact on fresh ground water. Maintenance and upkeep of the system is provided by contributions from the neighborhood population.