You have done such good in the world, and I know you do not want any reward or credit. You just quietly do good, confident that no act of kindness escapes the Lord’s notice. At this most wonderful time of the year, your support is desperately needed

Your generosity has touched the lives of children born into extreme poverty whom you will never meet. I hope you know of my gratitude and love for you and the love and gratitude of the people whose lives you touch through our Franciscan missionaries.

Trapped In Syria

I need you to stand with us once more this Christmas to touch the lives of over 240 Christian families trapped in a region of Syria served by our missionary friars.

These Christians are forbidden to celebrate their faith openly and cannot display any Christian symbols. Christian women must dress in a manner required by the extremists.

Our missionary friars, Father Louay and Father Hanna are not allowed to appear in public in their Franciscan habits. They travel with their habits in their luggage and put their habits on when they are safely indoors.

A year ago, extremists burned down one of our Franciscan churches because there was a Nativity scene inside during the Christmas season. Christian cemeteries have been destroyed, and other churches have been burned or converted into mosques or stables.

Your Support is Desperately Needed

Food is desperately needed to help these families survive. Christians are not allowed to work or to own or sell property. Every month our friars distribute food to the families.

The monthly food distribution consists of beans, oil, and rice. The cost per month for each family is only about $15, and these friars are supporting over 240 families!

Every $15 you share will feed a family for an entire month! Feed a family for 6 months with a gift of $90 or for 12 months with $180! You can feed 2 families for a year with your gift of $360!

Your gift will help provide the lifesaving gift of emergency food. Let hungry, suffering people know that they are not alone!

Make A Difference Today

God has given you the opportunity to make a difference in partnership with Franciscan missionaries. Please respond to this need today.

What a gift you give back to the Christ Child by opening your heart so generously to the poor, especially to children in such great need.

May God smile upon your goodness and charity this Christmas and return them to you a thousand-fold in graces and blessings.

I wish you a merry and blessed Christmas.

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Gratefully yours,

Brother Andrew Brophy, OFM

Executive Director

P.S. Please send a generous Christmas gift today to help our Franciscan missionaries provide lifesaving food to innocent people living in danger in Syria and in our Franciscan missions around the world.