Your Christmas gift is in the eyes of children trapped by the war in Ukraine.

Your generosity and care can give these children and their families the gift of hope. Their wide-eyed gratitude and wonder are the only gifts they can offer you in return this Christmas.

Ukraine is a long way from you and me. And yet, we can reach across the miles, oceans, and continents to literally save lives.

We have witnessed this brutal war unfold for months now on television. Father Danyil Botvina, OFM, the Provincial of the Franciscan Province of St. Michael the Archangel in Ukraine, and the 65 friars serving there have watched it first-hand. This province has 16 friaries and Fr. Danyil’s friars serve 54 parishes.

Refugees, mostly women, children, and the frail and elderly seek safety, food, ad protection at our friaries and parishes. The friars help as much as they can, but as you can imagine, the need is so great that they are overwhelmed.

At this stage of the war, most of the refugees are from eastern and southern Ukraine. And these areas are where the war is still raging. These refugees have lost their homes and their ability to earn a living. They have migrated to central and western parts of the country.

There is food available in stores, but inflation has increased the price of goods much more dramatically than in our country. The cost for electricity has increased over 400 percent. Coal has increased 300 percent and gasoline has increased 100 percent. The cost of food and clothing has also increased, consequently making it harder for families to feed and clothe their children.

In a recent conference call with me, Fr. Danyil urgently requested funds to help his friars provide food, medicine, and shelter to the refugees living through this tragedy.

He needs our help this Christmas! It is my hope and prayer that you will support Franciscan missionaries in Ukraine as they serve the refugees who are trying to survive this tragic war.

Two or our brave friars are distributing food, water, and other essentials to families trapped in the fighting! They will stay and continue to serve the refugees and the Church in this war zone. Will you stand with them in their time of need?

Will you answer the cries of the children and families and send a gift today to help them survive the suffering and brutality of this war? Your generosity will help our friars provide lifesaving supplies of food, water, and medicine, as well as sleeping bags to help people stay warm during the Ukrainian winter.

Your prayers and financial support will keep the hope of the birth of Jesus Christ alive in the hearts of the innocent people who are experiencing the horror and the tragedy of war. Please help our Franciscan missionaries respond to their cries for help!

We Franciscan friars always remember you in our prayers with infinite gratitude.

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God bless you.


Gratefully yours,

Brother Andrew Brophy, OFM

Executive Director

P.S. Please send a generous Christmas gift today to help our Franciscan missionaries provide lifesaving water, food, medicine, and sleeping bags to innocent people who are trying to survive the tragic war in Ukraine.