We are blessed to live in a developed country! Most of us have everything we need. We have same-day delivery for online orders to drivers who pick up your takeout food order and deliver it to your home. People living in developing countries have far fewer blessings and more worries: Where will I go? Where will the next meal come from? Where will I sleep tonight? Will I have enough clothes to keep me warm? Without money, how can I get the medicine I need? Keep in mind that many of these people are children! During these times we may deny ourselves of some of our blessings, so that we may show God’s love with the poor who need things now in order to live. So join us with donations to the Franciscan Missionaries.

Showing God’s Love

Your prayers, special gifts, and Mass stipends of $10 or more enable donations to Franciscan missionaries around the world to serve Jesus by ministering to the poor, to orphans, to the sick and to the dying. The Franciscans have over 5,000 missionaries and more than 800 missions throughout the world. They serve the poor on six continents. Today, life in the missions is especially challenging and difficult during the pandemic. Many of our friars are dependent on your Mass stipends in order to survive the lock down orders. Others are working harder than ever trying to show God’s love with the poor who cannot work due to the virus.

Help Us Deliver Hope through Donations to Franciscan Missionaries

If you would like to arrange to have a Mass or a series of Masses offered for your intentions, please select the ‘Please Donate’ button below, and select the appropriate Mass or Mass series for donations to Franciscan Missionaries. After you make your intention and gift, we will arrange for our missionary priests to celebrate the Masses you request as soon as possible. Your friendship, prayers and generosity help us deliver hope to people who live in poverty around the world.

Never doubt God’s love for you!

May God bless you abundantly,

Brother Andrew Brophy, OFM

Executive Director

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