May God’s Peace Be With You

Greetings from over 5,000 Franciscan missionaries in over 600 missions around the world! Each day we pray for you and for all who are dear to you. It is the best gift we can offer in gratitude for the sacrifices you make on our behalf.

You are a wonderful friend to our missionaries. You show your care and commitment to helping the poor with your every gift in response to our requests. Your steadfast generosity touches more lives than you can imagine.

Through your partnership with us, children are educated and formed in the faith, the elderly are visited, the dying are comforted, the poor are given hope and solace, and the faith of many people is enriched.

I want to offer you just a glimpse of the reach and impact of your generosity.

Your goodness has helped us provide food, water and medicine to refugees amid the devastation of the war in Syria. You have helped us in India, where our friars provide children, who spend their mornings picking through trash dumps, with an education. The education these children receive will offer them an opportunity to break a vicious cycle of poverty. Your great goodness has helped us in the Congo, where more than 300 people come to our mission for epilepsy medicine every week. Your gifts have helped us in Guinea Bissau to provide treatment and medicine for people suffering from leprosy.

Your donations have made it possible for us build formation houses in Mexico, the Philippines, and the Province of St. Francis in Africa. At these locations, and many others like them around the world, your generosity allows us to house, form and educate hundreds of young men who have answered God’s call to serve as Franciscan missionaries. These men will dedicate their entire lives to serving the poor.

In gratitude for all you have done for us, we want to offer you the opportunity to have Masses celebrated by our missionary priests.

Many of our Franciscan missionary priests use Mass stipends to buy food, fuel and medicine. These stipends provide the financial means to live and serve the poor in dangerous and faraway places such as the South Sudan, Syria and Vietnam.

If you would like to arrange to have a Mass or a series of Masses offered, please go to our website and make your intention. We will arrange for our missionary priests to celebrate Mass as soon as possible.

I pray my grateful words can carry to you some measure of the great good you have made possible through your prayers and generous support. Your gifts and faith in our mission help us deliver hope to people who live in poverty around the world.


Gratefully yours,

Bro. Andrew Brophy, OFM

Executive Director


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