Irish Franciscan missionary, Most Rev. Michael Lenihan, OFM needs your help for Honduran hurricane relief! He is the bishop of the Diocese of La Ceiba in Honduras, Central America. The port city of La Ceiba is home to about 200,000 people. Late last year ‘Eta’, a Category-4 Hurricane, pummeled Honduras. Then just two weeks later ‘Iota’, a Category-5 Hurricane, cut a similar path across Central America. Homes, buildings, roads, electrical and communication infrastructures were damaged or washed away by landslides, mud and water. The storms killed scores of people. Thousands of people continue to be displaced. Many people are still missing. More than a week after the second hurricane vast areas of Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala were still flooded. Some areas were accessible only by boat. Honduran and U.S. military helicopters have dropped food in remote communities. Will you make a gift of hope for Honduran hurricane relief?

Help Feed The Families

Today, the region is stricken by the coronavirus and a deep economic contraction is now slowing down storm recovery efforts. Honduras is facing probably the greatest catastrophe of its history. Bishop Lenihan has been out among the people and witnessed their suffering. They are traumatized and helpless. Their lives are shattered, and their homes and possessions are just piles of debris, broken wood, and mud. You can help Bishop Michael Lenihan, OFM bring hope to the people of his diocese. You can help him feed about 200 displaced families. We received an emergency request from him for financial assistance of $50,000 to help feed the displaced families for 6 months.

Make A Gift of Hope Today for Honduran Hurricane Relief

Could you offer a special gift to help Bishop Lenihan feed these poor people? A generous gift of $42 would feed a family of 4 for an entire month! A family can be fed for 2 months with a gift of $84 and a miraculous gift of $252 would feed a family for 6 months! In the aftermath of the hurricanes, thousands of cases of COVID-9 have been reported among the refugees. Feeding these families is so important for keeping them healthy. On their behalf, I am praying and striving to raise the necessary funds to send to our Franciscan bishop. We can do this “if only” you will help. Any gift you send would be a blessing, and any gift you send will help feed refugee children and families!

Please make a gift of hope for Honduran hurricane relief today. Help feed refugees from Hurricanes Eta and Iota! Your generosity is the image of God’s mercy and reflects the hope and peace of Christ to the poor!

God bless and reward you for the great charity and kindness of your heart.

Peace and blessings,

Brother Andrew Brophy, OFM

Executive Director

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