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Will you please help us feed the poor? We need your help to get through the greatest health crisis of our time. Especially now, the poor in the missions are struggling to survive during the stay-at-home orders in their own countries. They no longer have the opportunity to work day labor or beg on the streets. So, their families are going hungry. To survive, many are coming to our missions for food to feed their families. The demand is overwhelming.

Many missionaries have sent us emergency requests for financial assistance. They must purchase more food to meet the increasing number of people seeking aid. We have received many different requests for emergency funds. So today, we are asking you to join us. Will you reach out to the thousands of our sisters and brothers now unable to feed themselves or their families?

The Need is Great

The missionary Friars from the province of Saint Francis, serving the poor in Nairobi, Kenya, are feeding over 100 families with children during this crisis. In addition, they are providing medical assistance to another 50 elderly people and those suffering from terminal illnesses.

Father Percy Tayem, OFM from the San Pedro Bautista Province has requested funds to help feed thousands of poor families at seven parishes under the care of the Franciscans in the Philippines. He wants to keep these families from becoming malnourished and to keep them safe from the virus by allowing them to stay home instead of searching for food.

The Friars of the Shalom Friary in Hyderbad, India, have requested emergency funds to help feed poor families and homeless migrants. These individuals and families have no resources or ability to earn money. Now that India is locked down they cannot take a train to get back to their villages. They are wandering the streets without shelter or resources. The Friars, in cooperation with some local religious sisters, are providing one meal a day. They feed 150 of these poor people. It only costs $45.00 to feed the migrants per day!

Help Us Feed the Poor Today

I urgently need your help to ensure our Franciscan missionaries have the resources needed to help the poor in the missions survive this pandemic.

These efforts are being performed under tremendous pressure and everything possible is being done to protect the health and well-being of all involved. Most importantly, we simply cannot stop providing food to people in desperate need of our help. Lives are at stake! Please consider renewing your vital support of our Franciscan missionaries today so, we can continue to provide urgent humanitarian aid and hope to the poor in the missions.

Please help us carry on this crucial work for the good of poor people in developing countries struggling amid this global health crisis. Together is the only way we will get through this. In the spirit of Saint Anthony, thank you for sharing your bread so generously in the life sustaining work of Franciscan missionaries.

Gratefully yours in Christ and Saint Anthony,

brother Andrew Brophy, OFM

Executive Director

Please Donate


Franciscan missionaries are often the last, best hope from people struggling to survive the hardships of daily life at the missions. Please offer your best gift today and help us provide food to the poor families, children, and the elderly. Thank you in advance for your renewed support and prayers.

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