Will You Share Your Blessings

Claudette and her brother J.R. are surviving. She is 9 years old, and he is 3. Their parents were shot and killed before their eyes as government soldiers forced the family out of its home. The [...]

What Changed Francis’ Heart?

Francis grew up detesting the sight of people with leprosy. He, like others, went out of his way to avoid them. But, one day while riding his horse in the countryside, Francis saw a man [...]

Masses with the Missionaries

As Christians, you and I believe in our unity with Christ, so we pray for one another. We offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and ask our merciful God to purify the souls of [...]

The Precious Gift of Life – Water

Water is something you and I take for granted. Why wouldn’t we? Hot showers, flushing toilets and even swimming pools, for many of us, are expected. But these are luxuries that the poor in the [...]

Do You Ever Think About Walls?

You and I have been blessed with warmth and safe shelter behind walls. Walls in the Old Testament meant life itself. Walls sheltered God’s people from the bitter elements and from warring enemies and death. [...]

In the Spirit of St. Anthony

Did you have food left over after dinner last night? “Leftovers” is a common household word in our culture. But leftovers are rarely found in developing countries. Every scrap of food that can be used goes [...]

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