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Franciscan Student Seminarian Sponsorship Program

Franciscan Student Sponsorship Program

Annual formation sponsorship for one student is $3,500 USD. Your generous donation will prepare a Franciscan missionary for a lifetime of serving the poor.  It is truly a gift that will keep on giving. Together, we will gain a grateful servant of God, and the people he will serve will benefit in meaningful and extraordinary ways.

A list of students appears below.  To learn more about each individual, select the photograph.

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  • novices OFM

Christian A. (Madagascar)

Augustine A. (Myanmar)

Seminarian Godfrey M.

Godfrey  M. (South Sudan)

Seminarian Stanley M.

Stanley M. (Malawi)

Conrad M. (Tanzania)

Georges N. Seminarian

Georges N. (Burundi)

Jean-claude-n seminarian

Jean Claude N. (Burundi)

Alexis N. (Burundi)

Seminarian Fredrick O.

Frederick O. (Kenya)

Seminarian Jaques r.

Jaques R. (Madagascar)

Emmanuel S. (Uganda)

Seminarian Alexander T.

Alexander T. (Uganda)

Seminarian Innocent U.

Innocent U. (Rwanda)

Seminarian Joseph W.

Joseph W.

Steven B. (Myanmar)