Syria Relief – A Plea for Help

I can’t tell you their names or the locations of their missions.

You must trust me when I say that lives are at stake.

Three brave Franciscan friars serve the remaining Christian community in 3 isolated villages in the fringes of Syria. The area is controlled by extremists and governed by Sharia law.

All the other Christian ministers and priests have left the area, and for good reason. Many Christians have been kidnapped and murdered, including one of our own friars.

The Christians they serve are living like “lambs among wolves.” Christian cemeteries have been destroyed, and churches have been burned or converted into mosques or stables.

Christians are forbidden to celebrate their faith openly and cannot display any Christian symbols. Christian women must dress in a manner according to Sharia law.

Christian teenage girls must be kept hidden. If they are caught in public, they can be kidnapped, raped and sold as sex slaves.

The tragedy in this war-torn country has played out on the evening news in front of our eyes for years now. Christian families have tried to escape from the war, from the bombs, and from the terror. But the poorest among them could not get away. About 240 Christian families still live in this area served by our friars.

These refugees live in fear and sorrow, but they have not abandoned their hope that one day all this will come to an end. Their hope in the midst of terror and discrimination is a witness of a splendid faith that should teach all of us.

It is my hope and prayer that you will support our brave missionary friars in Syria as they serve people trapped under cruel extremists. Will you stand with them in their time of need?

Food is desperately needed to help these families survive. Christians are not allowed to work or to own or sell property. Every month, our friars distribute food to the families.

The monthly food distribution consists of beans, oil, and rice. The cost per month for each family is only about $10, and these friars are supporting 240 families!

Every $10 you share will feed a family for an entire month! Feed a family for 6 months with a gift of $60 or for 12 months with $120! You can feed 2 families for a year with your gift of $240!

Your gift will help provide the lifesaving gift of emergency food. The most vulnerable people are the elderly and widows trying to care for their children alone.

Will you answer the cries of the children and families and send a gift today to help them survive under the rule of brutal extremists?

Your prayers and financial support will keep hope alive in the hearts ofthe innocent people living through the horror and the tragedy of these times. Please help Franciscan missionaries respond to their cries for help.

We Franciscans always remember you in our prayers with infinitegratitude. God bless you.

Gratefully yours,

Bro. Andrew Brophy, OFM Executive Director

P.S. Please send a generous gift today to help our Franciscan missionaries provide lifesaving food to innocent people living in danger under cruel extremists.

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