Guides for Planned Giving

We understand that estate planning can feel daunting, and we want to offer you a few resources to make it easier. In addition, we invite you to speak with Linda Knight, our Major Donor Relations Coordinator, who is happy to help answer questions for you about gifts to Franciscan Missions.

A Guide to Planning Your Future: Living Trusts

Within this informative booklet you will learn:

  • The definition of a living trust and other key concepts
  • The differences between a living trust and a will and the important role a living trust might play in your overall estate plan
  • The advantages of creating a living trust… and the things a living trust cannot accomplish.

With our lives becoming more complicated and the uncertainty of what the future might hold, it is important to understand the tools that are available as we plan for the years to come.

Thank you for the friendship you share with us and the sacrifices you make on our behalf. If circumstances allow you to include a place for the Franciscan Missions in your estate plan, we would be truly grateful.

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Ten Secrets of Effective Estate Planning

Many people are intimidated by the estate planning process. Some believe they don’t need a plan. Others aren’t sure how to begin the planning process. This booklet contains practical tips and pointers related to estate planning, written in easy-to-understand language.

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Successful Wills, Successful Lives

You have worked hard and saved as best as you could to prepare for whatever the future might hold. In thinking about the future, many consider how they will be remembered when the time comes. This informative booklet suggests several thought-provoking ideas about how to create a lasting legacy, one that reflects the values that you hold dear.

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Suggested Language for Your Will

To simplify the process of adding Franciscan Missions to your will, you can take this language to your attorney.

In Your Will or Trust

I give and bequeath to the General Secretariat of the Franciscan Missions, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation organized under the Laws of the State of Wisconsin, having its principal office at 940 Browns Lake Drive, Burlington, WI 53105 and a mailing address of P.O. Box 130, Waterford, WI 53185.

To make a cash bequest:

The sum of $________ to be used by the General Secretariat of the Franciscan Missions, Inc. for its general purposes.

To give a percentage of the estate:

________ percent of my estate to be used by the General Secretariat of the Franciscan Missions, Inc. for its general purposes.

To give a residual amount or remaining interest:

the rest, residue and remainder of my estate after all debts, expenses and taxes have been paid and all the general and specific bequests have been made, to be used by the General Secretariat of the Franciscan Missions, Inc. for its general purposes.

Contact Us for Assistance

Contact: Ms. Linda Knight
Major Donor Relations Coordinator
Phone 262.383.2428

Our legal title is:
General Secretariat of the Franciscan Missions, Inc.
P.O. Box 130
Waterford, Wisconsin 53185 USA
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