If you’re looking for a child to give a gift to, I have the perfect one in mind.

His name is Mutha Kumar and he is nine-years-old. His father died from HIV/AIDS when Mutha was only a year old. The disease took his mother when he was six.

Can you even imagine what it must be like for this orphaned child to make sense of his world, alone and living with a disease that took his mother and father?

Fortunately, you are there for Mutha and many other orphaned children cared for by Franciscan missionaries around the world. Your generous heart has reached the far corners of the earth, especially to children suffering through no cause or choice of their own.

Their wide-eyed gratitude and wonder are the only gifts they can offer you in return this Christmas.

Because of you, the friars at Paasa Illam, India, a Franciscan orphanage for children infected/affected with HIV/AIDS, take Mutha to the hospital for regular check-ups and the antiretroviral therapy he needs to live.

He is a good student and is finishing his 4th standard at Saint Philomena Primary School. He now has the hope and promise of a bright future.

I can think of no greater Christmas gift in thanksgiving to God than
the gifts of hope and faith you are giving to orphaned children. So, with Christmas coming, I’m writing to ask you to please faithfully support all our Franciscan missions by making a generous donation this Christmas.

Your love and generosity make the true joy and hope of Christmas a reality in the lives of suffering children and families around the world.

I hope you can help me by sending a special Christmas donation today. Please know that my prayers are with you and your loved ones today, always, and most especially, during this holy Christmas season.

Merry Christmas,

Brother Andrew Brophy, OFM Executive Director

Will you send a generous Christmas donation to help us care for poor and orphaned children?