$30.00 Will Educate A Child For A Year

Have you ever skipped school? I did once, and I remember my parents got so mad when they found out. I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I skipped school entirely. But [...]

We Need Your Help

Fr. Ibrahim, OFM meets with the many children of the Parish on a street in Aleppo Today, in Syria, there are 8.3 million Syrians who have been displaced, with 5 million people [...]

Syria Appeal from Fr. Michael Perry

May the Lord Give You His Peace

It is a great joy and an honor for me to write to you and connect with dear friends who deeply share our values, and who are strongly committed to the Franciscan Missions. You have [...]

Daily Bread

One day a little boy came home from Sunday School and told his father that he knew what the word Bible stands for. “Okay”, said his father, “Tell me.” The little boy proudly said, “BIBLE [...]

A Day in the Life…

On the first day of December in Aleppo, Syria, Maurice Abdalla and his two sons walk carefully among the ruins of their once thriving neighborhood. They are on their way to a water well near [...]

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